Samson Adah Paul

Creative-Mastery Author, Speaker, Coach

Creativity is the most vital human right! Sure, the most vital human right is not freedom of speech. It is freedom to create. Freedom to discover, maximize and fulfill your potentials. My mission is to empower you to cultivate the creative mastery to regain your freedom of personal creativity. Thus, my books are written to educate and liberate men to maximize their freedom for personal creativity.

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Creativity is the most vital human right, and every man has the right to be creative. In time past, slavery was the loss of personal freedom. In present times, slavery is the loss of personal-creativity. 

No man can enjoy personal freedom if he lacks personal creativity. No matter how much cash you invest, you can’t thrive in a business that you lack creative mastery in. Business capital is 10% about money, 30% about other factors and 60% about creative mastery.

Without creative-mastery, you are only fit to be an entrepreneur; who depend on opportunities for economic prosperity; but with creative-mastery, you become an ‘inventreprenuer’ who possess the inventive intelligence to prosper even in adversity.

Creative Control shall endow you with inventive Intelligence for personal-creativity; without personal-creativity, even the best among us will end up in social and economic slavery.

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Dream is a weapon with omnipotent usefulness: Without dream an entrepreneur will be so unarmed for industry that he will end up as a captive of industry, rather than Captain of Industry. Without dream a scholar will be so unarmed despite his schooling that he will end up in lifetime dependency on job vacancy. A man’s purpose is the soil by which his education bears fruits. 

Dream Vacancy is a blueprint for discovering, cultivating, protecting and fulfilling personal purpose: it serves as a manual for effective parenting- it will impart parents with the wisdom to coach their children to discover and fulfill their potentials.

Dream Vacancy is a manual for inventive-entrepreneurship: it will empower entrepreneurs to cultivate the creative mastery to maximize adversity for economic breakthroughs.

Dream Vacancy is a manual for effective time management: without your dream you don’t have time…your dream is your time. So, undiscovered talent, purpose and wisdom amount to unlived life-time.

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God created man with the mandate for industry: ‘be fruitful, multiply, replenish the earth and have dominion’. Miracle is not God’s primary plan. Miracle is a refugee camp plan. In the refugee camp, people live for the miracles of free meals, free tents, and free life.

Miracle may give man emergency relief from poverty; it is an industry that gives a man a permanent solution to poverty. The God of miracle is much more the God of industry. 

A man void of the gift of salvation will suffer hellfire, but a man void of the gift of industry will suffer earth-fire: when man understands the miracle power of God, he prays to enjoy first-aid of financial deliverance, but when man understands the industry power of God he creates to release his potentials for economic dominion. 

God of Industry unveils immortal secrets, of industrial exploits, for economic dominion.

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Few men are actually handicap, but most men are absolutely mindicap; because their mind is dislodged from the spirit of service. The spirit of service is the highest level of intellectual and industrial competence.

The cure to poverty is not education, not a high paying job, not religion. The cure to poverty is the spirit of service. A Professor who is not service-minded is simply a fortunate lunatic.

Back To Sense by Samson Adah Paul unveils the mental plugins that will restore the mind of men to become service spirited. Back To Sense will reform you to become service-thinking minded: for service-thinking and not positive thinking is the access code to industrial productivity and economic prosperity.

Read Back To Sense so that you can get out of a mess. Read Back To Sense so you won’t end up in mess.

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The ultimate aim of education is not to overcome illiteracy; it is to overcome ill-literacy. While illiteracy is the inability to read and write; ill-literacy is the inability to dream, to think and to create. 

OnePlusOne equals to Two, by textbook literacy, but by creative insight literacy OnePlusOne equals to Anything the mind imagines. Textbook literacy enlightens man; it is creative-insight literacy that makes men productive. 

Thus, to maximize schooling for productivity, you need to have beyond a textbook interaction with education; you have to press on to engage in a creative-thinking Interaction with education.

Atomic Knowledge by Samson Adah Paul unveils creative thinking secrets that shall empower you to maximize knowledge for inventions, for product development and for sustainable wealth creation.

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Nigeria does not speak of poverty but of untapped wealth. No doubt, America is a land flowing with milk and honey; but Nigeria is milk and honey seeking ways to flow by.

The challenges of Nigeria are simply womb of possibilities: and dreams are the midwives that massage the delivery of possibilities from challenges. Hence, to access the untapped potentials amidst Nigeria’ challenges you must live for a Nigerian Dream.

One page of insight is valuable than a trailer-load of gossips. Don’t mind the gossips; despite her challenges, Nigeria remains a land of great possibilities; this is the Nigerian Dream!

Nigerian Dream an insightful-poetry-book on Nigeria, by Samson Adah Paul, will inspire you to rise above challenges to unlock your personal potentials for a greater Nigeria!

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Creative Control
Mastery For Economic Power

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Schooling without productivity is not education; It is simply decoration!

Samson Adah Paul

Organizations now prefer well productive workforce over well qualified workforce. Don’t just study for more college degrees; rather, study for self-talent release. Get empowered for self-productivity, become indispensable to your company, read Atomic Knowledge- by Samson Adah Paul, foreworded by Dr. David Oyedepo

Samson Adah Paul

Creative-Mastery Author, Poet, Coach

Without prejudice story books cannot promote mental or talent development. Story books can only promote sensual enjoyment and leisure development. It is thinking books that promote mental and talent development. This is why I am committed to writing thinking books. And I am Africa’s leading cultivator of thinking books

12 Months Calendar Day!

As the year is coming to an end, let your ignorance come to an end. A year is made of 12 months to men without vision; but men with vision can live 12 months in a day...

Vision multiplies: it multiplies seeds into trees, it multiplies the present into the future, and it multiplies a man into a nation…

Master the secret of doing 20 years work in one year, so that you can command the results of 20 years in year 2020.  

Read, Dream Vacancy. 

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