Inventment is profitable than investment

Stock investment is a very profitable form of investment. Stock investment no doubt has made lots of people rich and happy. Despite how profitable stock investment is, I discovered it is not the most superior form of investment. Stock investment is not the main thing as we’ve been made to believe. 

There is a superior form of investment that supersedes stock investment, which I term as ‘Inventment’. Stock investment is a way of buying shares of existing companies as a means of providing capital for the operation of the company, and in return you are entitled to a percentage of the company’s profit.

Inventment on the other hand, is the art of developing economic-creativity-system for your potential or the natural potential of your land in order for the potential to metamorphosis into products or companies.

Indeed, buying company stock is a highly promising form of investment, but ‘Inventment’ is the most promising. Through stock investment you partake in the profit of existing corporations, but through ‘Inventment’ you invent new corporations from your human or natural potentials of your land.

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