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Salt was the most critical factor for national security in times of old. Then, without salt a country’s army would run out of food and consequently get conquered: making the citizens of the defeated nation to end up enslaved by the government of the victorious army. A man’s dream is the man’s salt. Thus, the dreams of the citizens of a nation determine her fate in the adventure of social development and economic wellbeing.

Every Chinese, Indian, European and American you see in Africa is a soldier. They are not in Africa for leisure or business; they are rather in Africa on warfare. They are in Africa on secret military service. And don’t joke about it! They may not wear military uniforms, but they are all dangerously armed. 

They are so armed that just one of them can disarm a military battalion of an African Army. They are not scared to visit and reside in Africa because they are so armed. On the other hand, average African including military personnel’s are so unarmed that they wish to relocate to a secured greener pasture country.

Sure! The foreigners are in Africa on active military mission. They are here for a war that Africans are even ignorant of. The most deadly war mankind will ever suffer is not the 1st World War, not the 2nd World War; it is the 3rd World War. 

Majority of men are not alarmed because they are certain that the 3rd World War will not happen in the near future; and they are right on that. But they are wrong with their assumption that the 3rd World War will happen in the distant future. The 3rd World War will not happen in the distant future; it is happening right away. It is happening clandestinely. It is happening undercover. That is what the foreigners you see across Africa are here for. 

Certainly, the 3rd World War Will Not Happen In The Future. It is happening already…It is not fought with the weapon of arms; it is fought with the weapons of dreams, not by soldiers but by dreamers, it is not a civil war; it is an industrial war. It is not fought with the aim to defeat Armies, it is fought with the aim to invade, possess and dominate the economy of nations! 

Dream is a weapon with omnipotent usefulness: 

Without dream an entrepreneur will be so unarmed for industry that he will end up as a captive of industry, rather than Captain of Industry

Without dream a scholar will be so unarmed despite his schooling that he will end up in life time dependency on job vacancy. A man’s purpose is the soil by which his education bears fruits. 

It is the purpose of men that gives savor to the education of men. Thus, it is wasteful to educate a man that has not discovered his life’s purpose. It is personal purpose that qualifies a man for tertiary education, not pre-university exams or tests.

Natural salt stimulates proper digestion; by activating the salivary glands and quickening the body to produce digestive juices. Likewise, your dream which is your ‘social salt’ stimulates proper digestion of text book knowledge, releasing digestive enzymes of inspirations that break down text book information into industrial insights for the invention of products or solutions.

It is the lack of this factor that has turned schools to breeding grounds for academic idiots; rather than breeding ground for solution providers. It is a man’s life’s purpose that bestows upon him mental sanity, thereby stimulating the digestive glands of his mind to be alive and active.

Human advancement is a product of the activation of the dreams of men. In other words, human existence gets better to the extent to which men live in compliance with personal purpose. Hence, the most critical factor for human advancement is not education, not religion, not finances, not culture; but the dreams of men. This is why nations run short of greatness when men run short of dreams.

Dream Vacancy is a manual for productive scholarship: it will impart scholars with the personal vision that is required as the soil by which knowledge bears fruit.

Dream Vacancy is a blueprint for discovering, cultivating, protecting and fulfilling personal purpose: it serves as a manual for effective parenting- it will impart parents with the wisdom to coach their children to discover and fulfill their potentials.

Dream Vacancy is a manual for inventive-entrepreneurship: it will empower entrepreneurs to cultivate the creative mastery to maximize adversity for economic breakthroughs.

Dream Vacancy is a manual for effective leadership: it will impart leaders with the motive-purity and personal-discipline to serve for legacy, rather than serving for personal survival.

Dream Vacancy is a manual for effective time management: without your dream you don’t have time…your dream is your time. So, undiscovered talent, purpose and wisdom amount to unlived life-time. 

Time management is therefore not about efficiency in living by the hand of time-clock; time management is rather efficiency in living by the demands of your ‘dream-clock’. 

One hour of reading Dream Vacancy will advance your life than nine years of undergraduate, postgraduate and graduate studies with Harvard University. Don’t take my word for it; get the book and judge for yourself!

My latest book, Dream Vacancy is made of custom-made non-recycled actionable knowledge; cultivated by my interaction with divine inspiration:  engineered to translate you from locomotive dimension to aeronautic dimension of living. This makes Dream Vacancy a book that even Angels in heaven wish to read; don’t miss this book. Dream vacancy will certainly empower you to be sufficient beyond dependence on job vacancies.

The release date for Dream Vacancy is December 12, 2019. Limited Luxury Bound Hardcover Edition and Limited Luxury Bound Paper Back edition are available for pre-order between now and the December 12 release date: Just 300 copies of the limited hardcover deluxe edition and 1000 copies of the deluxe Paper Back are available for the pre-order period. Hurry now and pre-order before December 8 so you can enjoy 20 % discount. Pre-order Here

This blog post- War Alert! Is an excerpt from my latest book- Dream Vacancy. 

Enjoy Grace for Exploits!

Samson Adah Paul

Creative Mastery Coach & Author

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  • Iannah Richard
    April 13, 2020 - 10:33 am ·

    Indeed, without dream an entrepreneur will be so unarmed for industry that he will end up as a captive of industry, rather than Captain of Industry.
    I can’t wait to read this. I’m always thrilled by the way you coin your writing,it always demand for more. Keep it up, I’m very certain this will be Mind blowing too.

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