It is mills that make millionaires

People are poor not because they are not working hard; in fact, poor people are the hardest working folks. People are rather poor because they are working giftlessly hard. No matter what you do, you are yet jobless if you are not selflessly putting your gift to work.

Prosperity does not answer to diligence at work; prosperity rather answers to diligence in putting your gift to work. Any work that is not compatible with your divine gifting is a wrong job for you; for prosperity answers to diligence at your designated work. The bible upholds this truth when it declares ‘Seest thou a man diligent in his business’; not diligent in business…but diligent in his business.

‘Seest thou a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men’- Proverbs 22:29 

The challenge of poverty is not that people are lazy; it is that people are giftlessly committed to work. No matter what you do, you are doing nothing if you are not selflessly putting your gift to work for the benefit of others.

When the recent economic global recession hit the world; all the skyscrapers in the Superpower nations were still standing, and all the bank vaults of banks were never empty of cash; so prosperity is not about skyscrapers and swollen bank accounts.

Hence, a country can be littered with skyscrapers and still be a very poor nation; every citizen of a country may respectively own $10 million, yet the nation and citizens may yet remain poor.

Prosperity is not about endless cash-flow; it is rather about useful fruits-flow. Prosperity is about being fruitful and being useful. Prosperity is not about power to purchase the earth; it is rather about power to process the earth.

Hence, no matter the skyscrapers littered over a land, the country remains a poor nation if its citizens do not live up to the divine mandate of setting up mills to process the human and environmental potentials of the land.

America was so hit by the recent economic recession because out of the selfish crave for cheap labor, American companies transferred the manufacturing of their products to Asian factories; but their quest for cheap labor resulted to America’s economy to become so cheap in value. 

Indeed, when a nation closes her production mills her citizens will end up with meals. A nation with closed factories is bound to end-up with a closed-economic destiny.

Prosperity is therefore not about economic purchasing power; it is about potential processing power. Sure, prosperity is not about economic purchasing power; prosperity is rather about industrial processing power.

No matter how hardworking you are, you are jobless if your potentials remain untapped. It amazes me to see a woman gifted in making pap (natively called Akamu in Nigeria) sweeping the gift under the carpet and then she is begging for business capital to start a business of selling imported pap; popularly referred to as custard.

Lots of Africans are jobless because they have despised their proverbial ‘pap making potentials’ in exchange for the slavery quest to sell imported pap. I have observed an abnormal trend, where married women that are gifted in all manner of crafts hang on road side selling fuel in keg and gallons.

A land blessed with food basket potential shouldn’t be littered with fuel stations, beer parlors and hotels. It should rather be littered with food processing factories and farm-produce research centers; else such a land will end as the poorest of lands; irrespective of the fleets of fuel stations owned by each respective citizen of the land.

Prosperity is not about possessing money and owning properties; prosperity is about processing talents and owning factories. This generation has mistaken God’s mandate to man to mean ‘Be foodful, money-pile, replenish yourself, subdue men and own pavilions’ 

That is not it! God’s mandate to man is not a personal welfare mandate, it is rather an industry-exploit mandate. God rather commanded man to ‘Be fruitful, multiply, replenish the earth, subdue the earth and have dominion…’ this speaks of industry.

To be fruitful speaks of planting a corn seed to generate more corn; to multiply speaks of processing the corn for assorted usage; to replenish the earth speaks of distributing your assorted corn products to every corner of the earth.

This is the concept behind the word millionaire. The first four letters in millionaire is MILL; so millionaires are actually Mill-owners. Thus, it is not the ownership of money that makes you a millionaire; it is rather the ownership of mill that makes you a millionaire.

Mills are talent processing factories; e.g. rice mill, paper mill. So when you own a mill you are engaged in maximizing the native potentials of the land. When you own a mill you have established a system that multiplies fruit unto assorted usage.

Natural resources that hitherto end-up as garbage are processed into useful treasures by mills, and by establishing a mill you have created employment platform for people. But unfortunately, most of the so called millionaires are not mill-owners; they are rather meal-owners. They are just selfish money-hunters that hunt for money for personal consumption. 

They are just driven by the satanic concept of ‘making your money work for you’ rather that God prescribed concept of ‘making your money work for us’

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