Mankind Factory Reset

Every Product is prone to fall into the state of malfunction by improper use. At this point the product becomes monstrous and harmful. Thus, it calls for urgent drastic mechanical attention in order to restore the product to the virgin factory setting of productive selfless service.

Man as a product has since fallen into the state of chronic malfunction by the infection of improper use. Man was created with so much durability, accuracy and immunity that he cannot be destroyed by any external agent. This means, no devil or disease can destroy man except man himself. Indeed, man can only be destroyed by self-malfunctioning. In other words, when a man switches from personal-purpose to personal-survival the man then becomes defective and disease-prone.

The virus that is a threat to the continuous existence of mankind is not HIV, nor the ongoing corona virus; it is rather the virus of personal-survival. The infection of the virus of personal-survival destroys man’s immune-system of personal creativity. This in turn makes the existence of man on earth to be threatened by natural objects that man was designed to rule over. Man indeed was assigned to rule nature, but a man dislocated from purposeful living will be ruled by nature.

The greatest conspiracy of darkness is to get man dislocated from his purpose of life. The greatest force on earth is the force of human purpose. Mankind though thoroughly endowed with infinite treasures and virtues of life has become a toothless bulldog because she is disconnected from personal-purpose.

Knowledge is a highly enlightening force, prayer is a very powerful force, but purpose is a highly omnipotent force. Man informs God of earthly problems through prayers, but God secures man from earthly problems through human-purpose.

Imagine how crude life would have been without the invention of footwear (shoes, sandals). Just think about it! If the inventor of the footwear had not lived his purpose of inventing the footwear. Trekking would have been a very risky and harmful act.

God had endowed man from creation to develop protection against Corona Virus and much more of its kind that will surface in the future. Probably, the breed of man that God had assigned to live-out the purpose of inventing health solutions that will protect mankind against such pandemic agents had switched-off from personal purpose to personal survival.

The global lockdown that currently confronts man is God’s birthday gift for mankind: it is a session or rather a process of factory-reset for mankind. A new mankind should be born after this process. A new mankind that will be healed and cleansed of the terrible disease of personal-success.

To be Continued—-> in my next blog post 

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Enjoy Grace for exploits!

Samson Adah Paul

Personal Creativity Coach


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