Generational Dream-Soldiers

Death is not an event that brings an end to a man’s life. Death is much more the decisions that stop a man from putting his potentials to work. Death indeed is the state of living without fulfilling your dreams.

God created man with so much supremacy, immunity, and omnipotency that no natural or man-made object of disease has the power to overwhelm man. Rather, God’s factory-setting for man empowered man with the diplomatic charge to take dominion over the earth.

Man’s dream is the engine of his exceptional power to conquer and dominate nature and circumstances. When man fails to live in respond to his dream, he then becomes a slave to nature and circumstances. This explains why corona-virus brought mankind to her knees.

Henceforth, mankind must resolve to return to God’s factory-setting of being assignment-driven instead of being possession-driven. God, assigned man on earth for a military-assignment: to protect, advance, and preserve the course of divinity and the wellbeing of humanity.

Every generation should have men that must answer the call to become the generation breed of dream-soldiers: who embrace the divine mandate to preserve, advance and protect the human race. If these breed go off duty then their vacuum will create room for evil dream-soldiers to emerge and afflict evil upon the human race.

Our generation breed of dream-soldiers have for long gone off duty. But Donald Trump is one of the exceptional few who declined to go off duty. Trump is not just the President of America…Trump is a Destiny-soldier to the entire human race, prepared and assigned by God to reverse and terminate the will of evil empires against the social and economic wellbeing of mankind.

Like Donald Trump, you must take up the challenge not to go off duty with your gift for mankind. Your gift is a weapon of mass protection for the human race.

Evil men are advancing to abuse their God giving competence to develop biological weapons of mass destruction, because godly men with similar competence have not maximized their potentials to develop biological weapons of mass protection.

We have to be mindful that the greatest danger to human existence is not the secret agenda of evil men to harm mankind; it is rather the zero agenda of godly men to advance mankind. Let’s take our focus from their secret agenda, and rather place our focus on running with an agenda to preserve, advance and bless mankind. 

The agenda of the enemy is no secret. The Bible reveals ‘the thief cometh to steal, to kill and to destroy…’

It is time for godly men to stop sleeping. Godly men must live up to their responsibility to be solution catalyst rather than being problem analyst.

This post is inspired on my latest book- DREAM VACANCY- which coincidentally was released in mid-December 2019, the same birth period of the Corona Virus

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Enjoy Grace!

Samson Adah Paul

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