The Omnipotent Church

Activating the governmental might of the Church

The Church of Christ is not a religious-potent entity. The Church is not a spiritual-potent entity. The Church is rather an omnipotent entity. For God is neither a spiritual-potent being, nor a religious-potent being; God is rather an omnipotent being.

You undermine the power of the Church when you assume that the Church is just endowed with spiritual power. Spiritual power is only a fraction of the power of the Church. The Church is ultimately endowed with omnipotent power

This means that in addition to spiritual power, the Church of Christ is also endowed with intellectual power, scientific power, industrial power, social power, artistic power and economic power. And when all these sphere of power is put in motion, it bestow upon the Church governmental influence upon the earth.

With the weapon of spiritual power, the Church tackles spiritual problems; but with the tool of intellectual, scientific and industrial power the Church tackles earthly problems.

Christians don’t only have the responsibility and privilege to call on God for divine intervention in the days of trouble. Christians much more have the responsibility to wait on God for divine inspirations to apply scientific knowledge to create practical solutions to the earthly problems that confront mankind.

Like I revealed in my book GOD OF INDUSTRY: I quote

“Science is not a harvest of man’s relationship with satan; science is rather a deposit of God’s creative potential in man. Science is a product of God’s creative potential in man. Science is not man’s brain child, neither is it man’s handywork. Science is rather God’s gift to man to enable man fulfill his ‘little god’ potential on earth.

God is the author of all sciences; pure, applied and social sciences: chemistry, physics, biology, literature, history, geography, law, mathematics, engineering, journalism, economics, languages…are neither human nor satanic inventions; they are rather inventions of God. It is witchcraft that is the invention of satan. 

Just listen to Daniel 1:17 “As for these four children, God gave them knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom; and Daniel had understanding in all visions and dreams” 

Psalm 104:24 declares that “O LORD, how manifold are thy works! In wisdom hast thou made them all…”

You see, God made the works of heaven and earth not only by the wisdom of holiness but also with the wisdom of industry…with the wisdom of science…with the wisdom of chemistry, of physics, of fine arts, of biology, of geology, of agriculture, of geography, of mathematics…with all the wisdom of sciences has God made the works of heaven and earth.

This truth is as well confirmed by Proverbs 3:19 “The Lord by wisdom hath findeth the earth, by understanding hath He established the heavens.”

But as a result of the selfish quest for miracles; the current generation of saints are living in self-denial as regards to God’s gift of science. Due to the quest for instant provision of free-lunch some Christians abhor science to be ungodly, to be carnal and to be satanic. But that is not true! Science is God’s tool for generating solutions to the social needs of man.”

The responsibility is now upon us to take up the responsibility to reclaim the divine tool of science from the world. It is God’s plan that in our time we shall see the emergence of Christians with scientific mandate: some have been appointed by God to launch communication and security satellites in space for the advancement of the interest of the Church and for the wellbeing of humanity. 

Some have been assigned to create and launch novel operating systems that will displace Windows, IOS, Android- all for the advancement of the interest of the Church and for the wellbeing of the human race. Some Christians have been endowed by God to set-up world class science labs and research centers: for the creation of biological weapons of mass protection. For the advancement of God’s interest, and for the wellbeing of mankind.

Some have been anointed to be world class novelist inspired to write non-evangelical novels but filled with godly precepts to influence and impart mankind to imbibe godly behavioral culture. Their responsibility is not to write ‘Church Novels’, but ‘salt-novels’: Novels that will salt the earth with Kingdom culture.

Some have been appointed by God with exceptional invention gifts to invent diverse domestic and industrial inventions. Some have been appointed to set up world class commercial banks, oil companies, manufacturing companies that will employ 100,000 workers to 2 million workers respectively.

This is God’s agenda for the Church in our time. This agenda is not contrary to what our fathers have hitherto done; it is rather an agenda in advancement of the labor and legacies of our fathers. So much grace has been imparted upon our generation: but all we seem to use the grace to do is public accolades, social media interactions, and attainment of personal success. The grace that we have been imparted with is for kingdom advancement and national transformation; it is not just for our personal welfare.

Unlike the current generation of Christians, the Christians of the pre-modern age understood the omnipotency of God’s power so well. This made them to take charge of science in their time, enabling them to command great exploits in every field of science. In conclusion, I also revealed in God of Industry, that: I quote-

“God is so jealous when men ascribe the glory of science to the devil. They only thing that the devil has ownership of is witchcraft and not science. Science in the hand of God fearing men serves as a tool to perform God’s will; but science in the hands of satan serving men will serve as a tool to oppose God’s will and to promote the devils will. This is why Christians of these times must wake up to responsibility as Christians of old to maximize this divine gift of science.

If men that are God fearing ignore science then the world will certainly be robbed of God-glorifying and humanity-advancing inventions like the invention of the Printing Machine by Johhanes Gutenberg, the invention of Modern Education by Jan Amos Comenlius, the invention of  Penicillin by Alexander Fleming. 

The founding of  Red Cross by Henry Dunant, the invention of the Aeroplane by the Wright Brothers, the invention of the sport of Basketball by Reverend James Naismith, the invention of  the MRI medical scanning technology by Dr. Raymond V. Damadian…all the aforementioned are devout Christians inspired by God to deliver those great inventions to mankind.”

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Enjoy Grace for exploits!

Samson Adah Paul

Personal Creativity Coach

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