As I noted in my latest book DREAM VACANCY, Every job is a preparatory class for a man’s dream. No matter how good a job is don’t ever take it as life-last-bus-stop; every job is rather a class-room that prepares men for a better life after the job. If you can’t start up a dream-business after your multiple years of service with your dream-job then you didn’t properly maximize your years of employment.

If an engineer gets employed by Julius Berger, serves for 20 years-Plus and rise to become the Chief Engineer of Julius Berger, after retirement if he ends up doing petty-business or seeking for political appointments or tradition chieftaincy titles…the man was never a staff of Julius Berger, he was rather a slave of Julius Berger…

As a senior engineer with Julius Berger, have you read any biography on Julius Berger the founder of Julius Berger? Have you observed to uncover the behavioral secrets of the founder of Julius Berger? How many books on civil engineering and construction industry have you read? Are you more impressed by the luxuries owned by the founder of Julius Berger than you are impressed with his library?

Your answers to these questions determine what will become of you after your 30 years of meritorious service with Julius Berger. After your 30 years of your employment voyage with Julius Berger, if you were attentive enough you should end up starting a construction company that in a short while can stand shoulder to should with Julius Berger.

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Enjoy Grace for exploits!

Samson Adah Paul

creativity-mastery coach

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