Faith Poverty


Faith is not an evangelical force to access miracles from God; faith is rather an omnipotent force that makes a man industrious as God. Faith in God does not only translate to man believing in God. Faith in God principally translates to man being unstoppable and unbeatable as God.

Faith makes man a fearless warrior. Faith makes man a mountain crusher. Faith makes man a lion beater. Faith makes a man a bread-winner to nations. Therefore the lack of faith is more disastrous than the lack of knowledge…than the lack of money.

While the absence of knowledge makes man ignorant; the absence of faith makes man invalid. While the absence of money makes man poor; the absence of faith makes man barren.

Poverty of faith leads to disbelief in one’s life, in one’s potentials, in one’s destiny. Indeed, the absence of faith makes man to live in respond to his situation rather than living in respond to his potentials. The principal fruit of faith is that faith makes man to believe in the unseen. Thus, faith makes man believe in God, to believe in his potentials, to believe in his destiny.

Hence, without faith, a man will neglect his destiny, his talent, his dream, his competence. In other words, without faith a man can only live for the visible: for money, houses, cars, food. On the other hand, faith empowers man to live for the invisible virtues of life: purpose, talent, service, kindness, impart, legacy, creativity, love.

Indeed, the greatest dilemma of faith-poverty is purpose-negligence and talent-negligence. When a man lacks faith he becomes blind to the invisible. Thus, he only lives for the visible…he only lives for the rat-race of personal survival.

There are more than a million Nigerians that have the funds to startup factories that in no time will employ hundred thousand workers respectively, generating profit of $1 billion monthly, paying workers minimum wage of $1000 monthly.

But due to faith-poverty, they have rather settled to operate ONE-MAN-PETTY-BUSINESS-VENTURES whose life span is dependent on the service years of the government-officials and political-office-holders whom the founders of these companies depend on for ‘miracle-money’. It is really so bad! Faith-poverty will make a potential global-factory owner to remain a street corner kiosk owner.

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Enjoy Grace for exploits!

Samson Adah Paul

creativity-mastery coach

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