Blind Christian Soldiers


In our time Christians have become too civilized to run their enterprises and careers from the platforms of spiritual rituals. On the other hand, Muslims remain so primitive that they are never ashamed to run their careers and enterprises from the platforms of spiritual-rituals.

I am so certain that there is no existing Christian prayer-fellowship established with the purpose of interceding for the will of God to prevail in the daily deliberations of the National Assembly.

99% of Nigerian Christians have never prayed for the Kingdom of God to prevail in the deliberations of the legislative and executive arm of government. The painful thing is that 99% of Christians only believe in the power of prayers when it applies to their personal-needs…they are ignorant of the truth that the affairs of nations can be sharpened on the altar of prayers.

Muslims understood this very well. It will shock you to know the depth of spiritual orchestrations anchored by Islamic imams to influence the affairs of the executive and legislative arm of government.

It will also shock you to realize the depth of spiritual orchestrations being marshaled by satanic witch-doctors with the aim of influencing those in governmental authorities to govern Nigeria in line with the desires of the kingdom of darkness.

It is so painful and shameful to acknowledge that a ‘kindergarten-level-muslim’ is spiritually sound than a ‘tertiary-level-christian’. We have so much lost spiritual soundness that Church services have now become Broadway celebrity-fashion-shows, where we roll out beautiful pictures of well-dressed ‘worship-models’ on social media…in real time as the Church service goes on.

Christianity is a call to constant spiritual-warfare. We must be spiritually alert all the time. We lose our spiritual alertness by several factors which I will discuss in my next blog.

Enjoy Grace for exploits!

Samson Adah Paul

Personal Creativity Coach

Samson Adah Paul is an author: whose books are birth on the altar of intense spiritual warfare. His books include God of Industry, Atomic Knowledge, Back to Sense, Nigerian Dream, Creative Control, Dream Giant and Dream Vacancy> You can order his books by clicking this link >




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