Take Cover Generation


Excessive attention to personal welfare leads to deflation of spiritual sensitivity. Indeed, the more a man seeks after personal welfare the more he loses stamina for spiritual warfare. Little wonder, Jesus commanded you not to seek after what you will eat, wear, drive…but seek ye first the kingdom of God…”

Unfortunately, Church services has mostly become about the needs of men; rather than the seeds of men. Church services has become all about what God will do for you, rather than what God will do through you. This is so wrong!

The personal-welfare theology has made the Church to lose her license to be the SALT of the earth; she has rather become the insult of the earth. Hence, we have fallen from our offensive CATALYST position unto a defensive ACTIVIST position: where we only complain, analyze and criticize the ills of the society.

Thus, we are now just socially smart enough to catch up with the new trends powered by contrary negative forces; instead of being spiritually alive to create TRENDS for the world to follow. But the pre-modern age Church understood better.

Thus, Christians of that age were so creative that they created trends that the world adapted: which resulted to a German Spirit-filled BELIEVER Johannes Gutenberg inventing the Printing Press- that resulted to the information age.

This also led Spirit-filled Bishop Amos Comenius inventing the concept of formal education. This also resulted to the Wright Brothers- two spirit-filled sons of a Methodist Bishop inventing the first powered Airplane which amounted to the emergence of the aviation industry.

Indeed, the Bible is 360% right when it declares that “those that know their God shall do exploits”. The Christians of the pre-modern age doubtless knew who God is. Thus, they commanded so much exploits.

It’s a shame for the Church to join in helping to chorus the New Normal Agenda of the enemy. The new normal agenda is to get the system of the devil establish on earth as it is in hell. Hell is full of fear, torment, tears, regret and death. This picture is what the enemy is driving to establish with the corona virus pandemic. And, you join them to say, “How do we adjust to the new normal?”

Every teaching, conference or seminar that is tailored to teach people to adapt to the New Normal is satanic. The so called New Normal is an evil agenda…to get the misery of slavery to be established on earth as it is in hell. So we don’t adapt to it, we rather overturn it.

God’s agenda is to give life and to give it abundantly. But satan’s agenda is to steal, to kill and to destroy.

The new normal can’t be for man to close his mouth with face mask; masquerading about as masquerade. The new normal is not to have Churches deserted and empty of multitudes like satanic shrines.

Heaven is so disappointed with the current generation of spineless Christians who have zero understanding of their military responsibility of Spiritual warfare: Christians who can only pray and fast when Pastors ask them to pray and fast…with a promise of the reward of bread and butter.

God has invested so much in us, we are expected to be the TAKE OVER GENERATION but the loss of spiritual sensitivity has reduced us to rather become the TAKE COVER GENERATION who are experts in taking cover when evil show forth: though we have the kingdom mandate to be God’s human weapon for terminating the evils of the enemy.

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Enjoy Grace for exploits!

Samson Adah Paul

Personal Creativity Coach

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