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The worst act of parental-failure is not the inability of a parent to sponsor the education of a child; it is rather the inability of a parent to grant a child the tools for self-discovery. Education is only useful to a child that has discovered his talent and purpose for living.

My purpose as a writer is to write books that are tools for self-discovery. And I have devoted the past 20 years to cultivating these tools. My competence in developing solutions that empower the youths to discover their dreams and talents has granted me the privilege to be the most engaged personal-development coach by elite institutions of learning across Nigeria and beyond.

The schools includes: Covenant University Ota, American University of Nigeria Yola, Afebabalola University Ekiti, Benson Idahosa University Benin, Bingham University Karu, Landmark University Omuaron, Faith Academy Goshen, etc

Dream Vacancy is the crown of my tools for self-discovery. This book is the salt that will make meaningful the quintessential investment in your child’s education. As, I revealed in the book-

“A man’s purpose is the soil by which his education bear fruits. Thus, it is wasteful to educate a man that has not discovered his life’s purpose. It is personal purpose that qualifies a man for tertiary education, not pre-university exams or tests.

Natural salt stimulates proper digestion; by activating the salivary glands and quickening the body to produce digestive juices. Likewise, your dream which is your ‘social salt’ stimulates proper digestion of text book knowledge, releasing digestive enzymes of inspirations that break down text book information into industrial insights for the invention of products or solutions.

It is the lack of this factor that has turned schools to breeding grounds of academic idiots; rather than breeding ground for solution providers. It is a man’s life’s purpose that bestows upon him mental sanity, thereby stimulating the digestive glands of his mind to be alive and active. “

Dream Vacancy is indeed, a manual for productive scholarship: it will impart scholars with the personal vision that is required as the soil by which knowledge bears fruit.

Dream Vacancy is a blueprint for discovering, cultivating, protecting and fulfilling personal purpose: it serves as a manual for effective parenting- it will impart parents with the wisdom to coach their children to discover and fulfill their potentials.

Dream Vacancy is a manual for inventive-entrepreneurship: it will empower entrepreneurs to cultivate the creative mastery to maximize adversity for economic breakthroughs.

Dream Vacancy is a manual for effective time management: without your dream you don’t have time…your dream is your time. So, undiscovered talent, purpose and wisdom amount to unlived life-time.

Time management is therefore not about efficiency in living by the hand of time-clock; time management is rather efficiency in living by the demands of your ‘dream-clock’.

One hour of reading Dream Vacancy will advance a child than nine years of undergraduate, postgraduate and graduate studies with Harvard University. Don’t take my word for it; get the book and judge for yourself!

Dream Vacancy is cultivated by my interaction with divine inspiration:  engineered to translate men from locomotive dimension to aeronautic dimension of living. This makes Dream Vacancy a book that even Angels in heaven wish to read; your child can’t afford to miss this book. Dream vacancy will certainly empower your child to be sufficient beyond dependence on job vacancies.

Dream Vacancy is 240 Page of original local-context actionable content, deluxe cream paper Gift edition, offered at a promotional price for a limited time.

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Enjoy Grace for Exploits!

Samson Adah Paul

Students’ Testimonies Of the Impart Of Samson Adah Paul Solutions >

American University of Nigeria Yola >

“Samson Adah Paul is the most inspiring, motivational, incredible and unimaginable experience from speaker that AUN have ever witnessed. Mr Samson words awoke the creative monster in me, to save Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. He has an eye for seeing things and all youths need to start seeing the world that way. It was a pleasure and true honor to meet him.”

Bethsheba Wampana >

“Today I understand that ‘sound education is not about first class certificate but it is about first class creativity’. I am really inspired by your works that awaken the dead from deep sleep. Thank you Mr. Samson”

Ibrahim Abubakar >

“For the past ten weeks we have had a series of sessions with different speakers. In all honesty, I have never had such an inspiring session like this. Sir, I am proud of our meeting today, and I look forward to meeting you again on a greater platform. Every word you spilled out of your mouth fell on my soul like raindrops. I am so happy, and I can’t exhaust myself in words.”

Blessing Douglas >

Landmark University >

“I am a Zambian studying at Landmark University, Omu –aran, kwara state, Nigeria and in 2012 I was privileged to be in attendance when Mr Samson Adah Paul came to Landmark University for the second time. I was in the audience that day and was shocked to hear what this man was saying. It was something I have never heard before; it was not stolen motivational material but authentic inspiration from God for every African. It was tailor made inspiration for me as an African. It was both insulting and provoking and at the same time shameful and embarrassing. It was like no one has ever told me about the lack of innovation by Africans.”

Shamapango Layson >

Faith Academy Goshen > Intellectual Giant Conference >

Mr. Samson explained to us that first class degree without first class release equals first class disease. To succeed means to develop your seed for others to suck- suckseed. If you’ve not discovered your talent, your education is a waste. You become an intellectual giant when you digest knowledge through creative thinking. In all the years I have lived, I have never been so motivated and inspired by the words of a person.

Michelle Adeyemi >

Listening to Mr. Samson was a highlight of my stay in this school.  He is a pioneer with words, a soothsayer with indelible insight into the way things are and the way they ought to be. The highest level of achievement is to do something that has never been done, to use your innate and God-given abilities and to bring out something unique from within you; that is exactly what Mr. Samson has done and it has spurred me to think fast and build a better Nigeria.

Emmanuel Ekpo >

The IGC is one of the most impactful and interesting programs that I have ever been a part of, I heard things from Samson Adah Paul that opened my mind to think in a different way. Mr. Samson Adah Paul was very efficient both in time management and logical explanation of things. He said great things in a very short time that left me wanting more. It seemed like he spent a whole day in just two hours.

Atomic knowledge was truly present in the first and second part. In the second session I was so flabbergasted and marveled because of what I was hearing such that I needed to change my sitting position from the front to the back. The fact that he did not talk down God or remove him from the factors that made the re-opening of minds possible makes me respect the speaker more. I personally recommend IGC to be done in every secondary school around the nation. It was truly a blessing.

Bariboloka Bernice-Chapel Prefect (Female) >


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  • Elizabeth Iliya Hris
    July 22, 2020 - 8:28 am ·

    I was privileged to meet Dr Samson Adah Paul February 15th 2020 in One Youth One Farm Tech training. When he began speaking I was asking myself who is this man? Where does he comes from? His words were doing something inside of me. His words where challenging and provoking me to leave beyond the normal. I purchased two of his books and began reading “Atomic knowledge” God is my witness I was shouting alone because of the power it came with. In a nutshell I made up my mind to leave beyond the ordinary as I have always desired. DR Samson Adah Paul is a path maker for as many that are will to pay the price for an extraordinary life. God bless you sir!!
    Elizabeth Iliya Hris

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