Captives of Industry


Slavery was not completely abolished; it was plantation-farm slavery that was abolished. Africa marketplace is now filled with more slaves than the slaves that were engaged to run the plantation farm of colonial slave masters.

African marketplace is filled with entrepreneurs that are ‘house-maids’ to the vision and productivity of the players of foreign marketplace. The fact that Africa’ raw materials remains the only thing that foreigners buy from Africa is a proof that Africa marketplace is filled with captives of industries.

African entrepreneurs will become captains of industries when they develop creative mastery by which they will begin to produce world class finished products that foreigners will patronize. The primary resource that makes a man operate as a captain of industry isn’t money, it is rather vision.

Vision would make a man step up to produce vanilla garri, strawberry garri, and chocolate garri. It is indeed the lack of vision that has caged men to produce just a type of Garri. Vision isn’t about having a plan for something; vision is rather about having a unique insight for a venture. Without vision a man will indeed end up as a captive of industry.

Marketplace product-vision advantage is one of the primary virtues that Dream Vacancy is endowed to impart men with. My purpose as a writer is to write books that are tools for activating personal and marketplace creativity.

And I have devoted the past 20 years to cultivating these tools. My competence in developing books that are mental apps for personal and marketplace creativity has granted me the rare privilege to be the most engaged personal and economic creativity coach by elite institutions of learning across Nigeria and beyond.

The schools includes: Covenant University Ota, American University of Nigeria Yola, Afebabalola University Ekiti, Benson Idahosa University Benin, Bingham University Karu, Landmark University Omuaron, Faith Academy Goshen, etc

Dream Vacancy is the crown of my tools for personal and market place creativity. This book is a quintessential mental app that will activate your potentials for creative entrepreneurship.  As, I revealed in the book-

Without product vision, an entrepreneur will end up as a captive of industry who engages in business on the economic refugee platform of buying and selling. But with product-vision, an entrepreneur becomes a captain of industry, driving the economy of nations and advancing the well-being of mankind.

Without a dream a man will end-up a casino entrepreneur: who like a gambler, depends on luck for economic breakthrough. A casino-entrepreneur is never stable; he jumps from one business to another, hoping he will get lucky by making a new investment move. The inconsistency of a casino entrepreneur makes him to end up as a captive of industry.”

Dream Vacancy is a blueprint for discovering, cultivating, and fulfilling your industry-purpose.

Dream Vacancy is a manual for inventive-entrepreneurship: it will empower entrepreneurs to cultivate the creative mastery to maximize adversity for economic breakthroughs.

Dream Vacancy is a manual for effective time management: without your dream you don’t have time…your dream is your time. So, undiscovered talent, purpose and wisdom amount to unlived life-time.

One hour of reading Dream Vacancy will advance you than nine years of undergraduate, postgraduate and graduate studies with Harvard University. Don’t take my word for it; get the book and judge for yourself!

Dream Vacancy is 240 Page of original local-context actionable content, deluxe cream paper Gift edition, offered at a promotional price for a limited time.

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Enjoy Grace for Exploits!

Samson Adah Paul

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