Samson Adah Paul

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What you need to realize your dream is not more qualification; more qualification only gives you more degrees. To fulfill your dream you rather need more cultivation of your inherent potentials for creativity. Creativity is the tool for cultivating dreams; not commitment, not education, not connections. Being committed to your dreams is bad news, bagging more degrees for your dream is bad news, getting highly connected for your dream is also bad news! But developing creative mastery for your dream is good news. My mission is to cultivate the mental software’s that will equip you to develop the creative mastery to rise above excuses to fulfill your dream. My books equip men to generate ideas, to develop answers, to initiate change!

Originality of Content

My books have 100 percent originality of content. To achieve this, I perpetually live by the social-discipline of a monk in order to secure continuous access to the flow of unadulterated inspiration. A society that lacks writers with originality of content has eternally been starved of the spring of inspiration that is required to birth product creators and solution catalysts in every sphere of human endeavor. The lack of creativity with writers translates to the death of creativity with the society. Writers are most responsible for human and national development than all other profession put together. This is why I cannot afford to settle for books with recycled content.


  • 2000 Published first book Wisdom Diet
  • 2002 published second book American Visa
  • 2003 Published third book Dream Giant
  • 2012 Published seventh book Atomic Knowledge

“It is just a picture if others can see it as you, it becomes a vision when you see it clearer than others.

-Nigerian Dream, Samson Adah Paul
Engagement Diary
Key Note Presentations and Events
  • Covenant University Creativity Summit
  • American University of Nigeria ELA Summit
  • Benson Idahosa University Workcraft event
  • GTBank Liberia Workcraft Workshop