I really had a lot of dreams when I was a kid, and I think a great deal of that grew out of the fact that I had a chance to read a lot.

Bill Gates

About My Tools

I am an inventreprenuership author, coach and speaker. I develop tools that empower men to be inventively productive.When a man is inventively productive, he doesn’t need to wait for opportunities, he naturally invents opportunities. My tools will empower you to see, to dream and to do the impossible.

Dream Library Project

A nation is doomed if text books, leisure books, romance books are the only books her youth reads. Personal development books are more responsible for the greatness of the youth than text books and leisure books. 

The Dream Library Project is birth to provide libraries of personal development books to schools and to under-privilege communities and neighborhoods. Currently, for start-up 3 schools and two underprivileged neighborhoods has been adopted for the take-off of the project. 

The vision is to establish 100 Dream Libraries in schools and under-privileged communities across Nigeria in the next twenty four months, and 1000 schools and underprivileged communities across Africa in the next five years. 

The project shall also engage in hosting inter-neighborhood and interschool book contests among its host habitat. 

To be part of this project, send me a mail. Contact Me Here

Key Benefits

  • To expose youngsters to personal development books and resources at an earlier stage
  • To build a modern library equipped 21st century learning facilities in impoverished neighborhood and attendant high schools and colleges 
  • A develop a reading culture in rural and semi-urban communities. Having it in mind that readers are leaders. 
  • To be one of the beneficiaries of the 1000 libraries to be built in underprivileged neighborhoods and communities
  • Established reading clubs and societies, with milestones of reading an average of four personal development books monthly.