Creativity is the most vital human right. And every man has the right to be creative. In time past, slavery was the loss of personal freedom. In present times, slavery is the loss of personal-creativity.

No man can enjoy personal freedom if he lacks personal creativity. No matter how much cash you invest, you can’t thrive in a business that you lack creative mastery in. Business capital is 10% about money, 30% about other factors and 60% about creative mastery.

Without creative-mastery, you are only fit to be an entrepreneur; who depend on opportunities for economic prosperity; but with creative-mastery, you become an ‘inventreprenuer’ who possesses the inventive intelligence to prosper even in adversity.

Creative Control shall endow you with inventive Intelligence for personal-creativity; without personal-creativity, even the best among us will end up in social and economic slavery.

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Creative Control – Mastery for Economic Power, is deeply situated in the scripture Exodus 35:31 “And He has filled him with the Spirit of God, in wisdom, in understanding and in knowledge and in all craftsmanship” 

This book is a ‘Gold Mine’, where hidden treasures of creativity, innovation, and wisdom, reside. It unlocks the secret behind economic empowerment and mastery for taking the lead in all spheres of life in the 21st Century.  The Wealth of nations is indeed tied to the creative and innovative energies of her inhabitants. 

This book elucidates on this and much more champions new thoughts via the pathways of ancient and indigenous insights for taking up personal responsibility in accessing new frontiers. A voyage of discovery indeed!  

This is a loaded piece and a departure from the mundane to fresh and new comprehension for winning in times of uncertainty.  Without mincing words, Samson Adah Paul displays Craftsmanship as its very best and the book Creative Control is incontrovertible proof of this CRAFT!

Aize Imouokhome Obayan

Vice-Chancellor, Landmark University, Nigeria. 

April 2017.


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