The seed for wealth is not education, nor is it opportunity; the seed for wealth is rather the talent of men. Poverty does not bow to diligence at work. Poverty rather bows to diligence in putting your talent to work.

Samson Adah Paul

About My Tools

I am an inventreprenuership author, coach and speaker. I develop tools that empower men to be inventively productive. When a man is inventively productive, he doesn’t need to wait for opportunities, he naturally invents opportunities. My tools will empower you to see, to dream and to do the impossible.

GiftCraft Creative-Entrepreneurship Masterclass

Economic breakthrough is not a product of commercial activities; it's a product of specialist activities. To enjoy outstanding success in business and career you must be a specialist. This means, there must be something special about your product, service or talent.

You will get general results if you are a generalist; but you will get special breakthroughs when you are a specialist. Thus, the Giftcraft creative entrepreneurship masterclass is designed to activate men’s specialist potentials for economic breakthroughs.

If you are not a gifted engineer you will end up a begging engineer. If you are not a gifted banker you will end up a begging banker. If you are not a gifted writer you will end up a begging writer. If you are not a gifted farmer you will end up a begging farmer.

Don’t just offer goods and services; upgrade to offer special goods and services. Don’t end up as a well-qualified worker; press on to become a well specialized worker. Don’t end up a staff of an organization; press on to become a gift to the organization.

The Giftcraft creative-entrepreneurship masterclass anchored by Samson Adah Paul shall empower you to become an irresistible driving force of your career and industry: it will translate you from a staff of an organization to a star of an organization, from an entrepreneur to an industrialist.

The Giftcraft creative entrepreneurship masterclass is designed to impart men with personal-creativity literacy for career and entrepreneurial exploits and breakthroughs. Without creative mastery the best a man can do is buying and selling for personal survival; but with creative mastery a man becomes a captain of industry- driving the economy of nations for the benefit of generations.

The Giftcraft creative-entrepreneurship masterclass objective is consistent with the overwhelming need for Africa to raise a generation of economic-inventive entrepreneurs who will emerge to engage their human talent for the social and economic transformation of Africa.

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Key Benefits

I. Educate Participants to discover develop and maximize their innate Potentials for economic exploits
ii. Empower participants with the mental mastery of tapping into divine inspirations for product creation and for industry dominion.
Iii. Empower participants to develop immunity against un-productivity and idleness
iv. Empower participants with the creative thinking mastery for ideas cultivation and execution
V. educate participants to maintain consistency of purpose for enduring economic breakthroughs
vi. Empower participants with the industrial resourcefulness to make treasure out of garbage
vii. Empower participants with the economic-resourcefulness for sustainable wealth creation
viii. Reform participants with the economic selflessness to envision their business as platform for nation building, and as tool to enhance the economy of nations
ix Empower participants with the resource management mastery to achieve more with less
x Translate participants from entrepreneurs to inventrepreneurs