If you’re not creative on your job, then you are absent from work even when you are present at work

Samson Adah Paul

About My Tools

I am an inventreprenuership author, coach and speaker. I develop tools that empower men to be inventively productive. When a man is inventively productive, he doesn’t need to wait for opportunities, he naturally invents opportunities. My tools will empower you to see, to dream and to do the impossible.


Workcraft career-creativity masterclass

There are two types of workers: passenger-workers and citizen-workers. Passenger-workers ride on the company to achieve their selfish aims; but citizens-workers live for the company to make the company grow. It is credentials that qualify a man to become a passenger-worker, but it is loyalty and creativity that qualifies a man to become a citizen-worker. 

Work has become so challenging that organizations no longer excel because they are staffed by highly qualified employees; organizations now excel when they are staffed by 'highly loyal' and creative employees. Employees that are loyal and creative don’t give in to excuses: creative and loyal-employees naturally go any length, climb any mountain, and bear any shame for the sake of the company’s well-being.

Workcraft is a catalyst for loyalty and creativity at work; because a company’s well-being is not dependent on the credentials of it workers, but on the loyalty and creativity of its workers. WorkCraft is an Inspirational career-creativity workshop designed to educate and inspire workers to develop personal-loyalty for exceptional talent delivery at work. 

In these challenging times, an organization void of citizen-employees is not a company; it is simply a refugee camp. Organizations that become industry leaders are those that are committed to grooming their staff from passengers to citizens.

GTBank Liberia, Afriland Bank Liberia, Benson Idahosa University, American University of Nigeria Academy Yola, are some of the organizations that I have conducted Workcraft for.

Workcraft is perfect as an induction training course for new employees, for the entire staff of a company. It is also ideal for the graduating class of tertiary institutions. contact me today!

Key Benefits

i. How to graduate from being passengers to citizens of your organizations

ii. How to get immunized against the corporate disease of 'mindicap'

iii. How to maximize knowledge for productivity at work

iv. How to graduate from the Labor Union to the 'favor union' of your company

v. How to master the creative application of the mind

Vi. How to maximize the ‘beyond-salary rewards’ of work