How I Write

I write with aeronautic discipline. It takes sixty minutes to make a car, but it takes six months to make an aircraft. I don’t engage one year of writing to write on 365 things; I rather engage 365 days on thinking to write on one thing. This is why my books are so thought-provoking.

  • Thinking Fasting

    For every book I write, I embark on multiple sessions of thinking fasting. As revealed in Atomic Knowledge, thinking fasting is the art of starving oneself of social interactions, engagements and enjoyments in order to secure the spiritual state and mental signal for creative thinking.

  • Dream Imprisonment

    I self-sentence myself to months and sometimes years of dream imprisonment in order to write. I can’t write effectively when I am free. I write when I am under dream arrest. Man indeed, must forgo the freedom of ease in order to maximize his potentials for creativity.

  • Infinite Working Hours

    It is normal for me to embark on an intensive daily book writing project from January 1st to December 31st: just writing, no travels, no pleasures, no leisure! I just sit on my writing desk to write round the clock, until I get unconsciously kidnap by a ‘sneezy-sleep’, after fifteen hours of non-stop writing. Yes! I am abnormal. This is why I am exceptional.

My Tools

My most important tools are invisible

“Dedication is to give your best to a goal, but dead-dication is to make a goal your life” -Creative Control

Samson Adah Paul

Price for inspiration

The Most Important Steps To Follow


When you pray you talk to God, but when you keep silence God talks to you. To be inspired you have to be silentful. Mind you, silence is not about being mute; it is rather about Disengaging your mind from desires, pursuits & associations that are Contrary to the subject of your creative adventure.


Heat is required for meals to be made. You must experience unpredictable challenges or setbacks in order to connect with the flow of supernatural inspiration. Problems are the pipes through which inspiration flows.


The more I engage in touching lives person by person the more I enjoy the flow of divine inspiration for books that will affect the larger family of mankind. A cup of water to a hungry soul is a seed for divine inspiration