A man’s dream determines the worth of money in his hand. $100 in the hand of a man with dreams can have the dominion power of $1 million, while $1 million in the hands of a dreamless man will depreciate to the bankruptcy power of $100.

A man’s dream determines the worth of his education. Education is unfruitful to men who live in contrast with their purpose. Purpose is the soil by which education bears fruits. Without personal-vision, education will amount to personal-garbage.

The dreams of men determine the worth of the resources of nations. A nation’s economy is determined by its Gross Domestic Product, but a nation’s GDP is determined by its Gross Domestic Dreamers (GDD). It is low GDD that is responsible for Africa’s poverty and underdevelopment.

Dream Vacancy unveils ancient blueprint for discovering, protecting and fulfilling personal purpose.

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With swift-moving, well-related imageries and sections, the book, DREAM VACANCY, is a course that can give both the push and pull for Africa’s young and old, to understand the nature of dreams, and to run with their dreams.

From page to page, the Author makes you understand that the “no jobs” and “no vacancy” notice hanging on so many premises are because of the huge “Dream Vacancy” that has been left unfilled. 

If ever there was a manual for a social and economic revolution that can get Africa to apply action to her humongous potential, this is the manual.

DREAM VACANCY is what we need to add to our education; that is why every Ministry or Department of Education at the local, state and national levels needs the redirection and propulsion that this course provides. The same goes for state and federal legislators, journalists, civil society personnel, and leaders of women, youth and faith-based organizations. To be a leader of a Chamber of Commerce anywhere in Africa, or to call yourself an entrepreneur and not to have this book at the top of your reading list is a regrettable disservice to humanity.

This book can help to reverse the deadly illegal migration of African youth to “greener pastures.” It can help to redirect the focus of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities of so many giant companies. Here is a painless injection that can wake up the “sleeping giant” called Africa.

The Author draws the world to the awesome power in “Dreamatics,” the Study of exploits, the study of “personal purpose.” His analogies are so practical, the best which is around salt sums it all up. As the “salt of the earth,” we all have the power to heal the world, preserve the world, and make the world “tasty.”


Dr. Sam Abah

Author/Award-Winning Journalist

Lead Mentor at Grassroot Africa


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