The ultimate aim of education is not to overcome illiteracy; it is to overcome ill-literacy. While illiteracy is the inability to read and write; ill-literacy is the inability to dream, to think and to create.

OnePlusOne equals to Two, by textbook literacy, but by creative insight literacy OnePlusOne equals to Anything the mind imagines. Textbook literacy enlightens man; it is creative-insight literacy that makes men productive.

Thus, to maximize schooling for productivity, you need to have beyond a textbook interaction with education; you have to press on to engage in a creative-thinking Interaction with education.

Atomic Knowledge by Samson Adah Paul unveils creative thinking secrets that shall empower you to maximize knowledge for inventions, for product development and for sustainable wealth creation.

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It is a matter of great regret and concern that several decades after obtaining the flag-independence majority of African nations still remain comparatively underdeveloped.

Conventional wisdom attributes this sad state of affairs to a dearth of sterling, value-adding leadership, but I have always had a different take on the matter. I hold the view that the major reason for Africa’s arrested growth is a lack of genuinely committed and creative thinkers at the highest echelons of governance!

My position has always been that one cannot be truly committed to a task and not be creative, and one cannot be creative and not be productive, and one cannot be productive and not be impactful. That is, where commitment is sustained, creativity flourishes, and where creativity flourishes, productivity is enhanced; and when productivity is sustained, the impact becomes inevitable.

Truth be said, Africa has had very many leaders in its chequered history; but unfortunately very few committed and people-oriented thinkers.

I am happy to note that this is a view similarly canvassed by the author of this marvelous book. Readers will definitely find the arguments so poignantly and succinctly espoused in Samson Adah Paul’s new book – Atomic Knowledge, highly thought-provoking.

Dr. David O. Oyedepo

Chancellor, Covenant University


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