Plot to Rig Is Dead At Birth

They claim they owe the patent to America’s destiny

Then Trump showed up to revoke their claim:

‘America ceases to be the personal flower pot of the

Deep state’, Trump decrees

Like a dream,

They lost the copyright to America’s economy

But they vowed to fight it out with Trump

For their deep estate is more profitable than

real estate

But, God who is the patent owner of the destiny

of men and nations has destined to use this election

as the red-sea to humble and swallow the deep state

Their plot to rig the election is dead at birth

the rigging plot of the deep state will end them up

in deep shit

Trump has already won,

Trump shall serve as POTUS for the next four years

and the deep state will totally lose their deep estate

the hand of the Lord shall perform it!

Samson Adah Paul

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