The 3rd World War Will Not Happen In The Future. It Is Happening Already…It is not fought with the weapon of arms; it is fought with the weapons of dreams, not by soldiers but by dreamers, it is not a civil war; it is an industrial war, it is not fought with the aim to defeat Armies, it is fought with the aim to invade, possess and dominate the economy of nations… read full story.

Dream Vacancy is a manual for productive scholarship: it will impart scholars with the personal vision that is required as the soil by which knowledge bears fruit. Schooling without productivity is not education; it is simply decoration. A scholar’s dream is the factory by which he becomes productive with knowledge

Dream Vacancy is a manual for inventive entrepreneurship: furnished to empower entrepreneurs to cultivate creative-mastery for economic exploits. Without creative-mastery a man will be an opportunist who engages in buying and selling for personal survival; but with creative-mastery a man becomes an industrialist driving the economy of nations.

Dream Vacancy is a manual for effective time management: without your dream you don’t have time…your dream is your time. Undiscovered purpose amount to unlived life-time. if you have not discovered purpose, Your life can not be measured by how many years you have lived; it can only be measured by how many years you have been caged. A man that hasn’t discovered purpose cannot be 40 years old; he can only be 40 years caged.

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Can education be acquired without dream?

Without dream a scholar will be so unarmed despite his schooling that he will end up in life time dependency on job vacancy. A man’s purpose is the soil by which his education bears fruits. It is wasteful to educate a man that has not discovered his life’s purpose.

Can a nation advance without dream?

Human advancement is a product of the activation of the dreams of men. The most critical factor for human advancement is not education, not religion, not finances, not culture; but the dreams of men. This is why nations run short of greatness when men run short of dreams.

Are problems hindrances to prosperity?

Prosperity is not a product of the absence of problems; it is rather a product of solutions to problems. And, the dreams of men are the tools for generating solutions to problems. Hence, problems are not hindrances to prosperity; problems are rather reasons for prosperity.



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