Covid19 Beyond The Veil


We must have a 360 Degree view of the corona virus: it is not a punishment by God to mankind, it is not a natural disease. It is rather an act of global terrorism- a handiwork of human-demons, who unleashed the virus as a bioweapon to fulfill their political agenda and economic greed.

So, as we engage in prayers, let’s not only pray from the point of seeking for God’s mercy for God to intervene. Let’s primarily pray from the point of warfare: activating judgmental prayers for the judgment of God to catch up with the human actors that authored the scripts, directed the scripts, acted the script and sponsored the script of the corona-horror-movie that has besieged the earth.

If we only pray for God to bring an end to the covid plague, the movie-makers still have loads of horror-story-lines up their sleeves that they can further unleash. As Christians we are caretakers of the earth, we must arise from slumber to war in the spirit for the judgment of God to swallow the human scripters and actors that created the covid horror movie.

The media are also playing along. The fake-media is being used to spread lies and fear among men. Corona is not as deadly as it is projected. Corona virus is simply as deadly as the lies the fake media has made mankind to believe about it.

This video of the Press Conference by two California based medical practitioners’- Dr. Dan Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi. It is a must watch for everyone click link to watch>

Enjoy Grace for exploits!

Samson Adah Paul

Personal Creativity Coach

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